Health Care Committee Members & Staff

The Health Care Committee is comprised of five fire commissioners, appointed by the WFCA Board of Directors, whose fire districts are members of both the Washington Fire Commissioners Association and the WFCA Health Care Program. 

Responsibilities and Powers of the Committee

The Health Care Committee’s responsibilities include the following:

  • Administer the funds in the Insurance Rate Stabilization Reserve Account (IRSRA). These funds support the purchase of health and welfare benefits for enrolled member fire districts and their employees and families.
  • Manage revenues and expenses in the IRSRA fund to accomplish the purposes of the Health Care Program.
  • Manage the overall operations of the Health Care Program

The Health Care Committee has the following powers and duties in the administration of the fund subject to review and approval of the Board of Directors:

  • Retain appropriate vendors and legal resources to support the provision of health and welfare benefits
  • Recommend payment of reasonable expenses and compensation for needed vendors and legal resources
  • Reimburse other program support costs as required
  • Ensure accounting of program revenues and expenses as required by the State Risk Manager and the Office of the State Auditor
  • Provide accurate minutes of all committee meetings

The Health Care Committee’s authorities and responsibilities are contained in the Washington Fire Commissioners Association Resolution 12-80(b).

Responsibilities of the Health Care Manager

The Health Care Manager’s duties include the following:

  • Provide operational and policy guidance to the Health Care Committee and the Board of Directors 
  • Direct and coordinate activities carried out by the Insurance Consultant and Broker, Third Party Administrator and any other contractor providing support services to the WFCA Health Care Program 
  • Act as the liaison between the Program and member fire service organizations and their employees and families