Insured Medical Plans

The WFCA Health Care Program offers two HMO medical plan alternatives to provide additional health care coverage choices to its member organizations and their employees and families: Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Washington and Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of the Oregon. 

In order to geographically cover the state, the WFCA Health Care Program contracts with Group Health Cooperative for the Puget Sound corridor and Eastern Washington and Kaiser Permanente for Southwest Washington. 

Who is eligible for the HMO plans?

Health care coverage through Group Health Cooperative or Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of the Northwest is available to LEOFF 1 active employees and retirees and LEOFF 2 and PERS active employees and retirees. Fire Commissioners are not eligible for coverage.

Benefits of Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs)

This form of health insurance combines a range of benefits purchased for a group of members. Selected doctors and other medical professionals offer care through the HMO for a flat monthly rate with no deductibles. However, only visits to professionals within the HMO network are covered by the policy. The HMO must first clear all visits, prescriptions and other care in order to be covered. A primary physician within the HMO handles referrals.

Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Washington

On February 1, 2017, Kaiser Permanente officially acquired Group Health Cooperative which is now part of Kaiser Permanente's eighth and newest region in the United States. Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Washington will continue to offer the same benefits and our enrolled members will continue to see the same doctors and care teams they are accustomed to seeing. In addition to receiving care in the same locations and hospitals as before, Kaiser Permanente is also upgrading clinics, technology and access to services.

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Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Oregon

Founded in 1945, Kaiser Permanente is one of the nation’s largest not-for-profit health organizations. As a nonprofit health plan, they are driven by the needs of their members and believe that they have a responsibility to serve the communities in which they operate. Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of the Northwest is only available to member fire service organizations located in Southwest Washington (From Lewis County south to Clark County) along the I-5 corridor.

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